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Login details and password

To ensure the client maintains full control of his finances with O-Tel, we have designed portals where the services can be maintained.

Client Area- This is where all the BILLING related queries are handled. You will use this area whenever you are ordering Airtime or services

VoIP Portal- This is where you can see your itemized billing, voicemail and set all your telephony based requirements

Payfast- This is the Payment Gateway. It is not an O-Tel company, but Payfast handles all the payments for O-Tel due to our large number of clientele. You can do bank EFTs or pay by credit card (on special request).

Recharge Code- This is the unique code given to you when you signed up. To purchase airtime in a certain account, you must enter the relevant Recharge Code so the correct SIP account is credited with the airtime purchase.


Print the table below and complete for your own ease of use.

O-Tel Telecom
Portal Login Internet Address Username Password
Client Area http://billing.otelafrica.com
VoIP Portal http://sip01.otel.co.za
Payfast http://www.payfast.co.za
Recharge Code
To order new services or airtime, please visit http://shop.otelafrica.com


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