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Recording a Voice mail over the handset

How can I record a personalized voicemail greeting message?

The recording of the greeting message can be done over the phone.

1. Dial *95 from your extension phone keypad. The voicemail system will ask you for the voicemail password.

2. If the password is correct you will be asked what you want to do.

2. Choose mailbox options by pressing the 0 key. A voice will tell you what messages you can record.

3. Chose the message you want to record by pressing 1 key for the Unavailable message2 key for the Busy message3 key for Your Name and 4 key for the Temporary message

4. After you record a message you can save it by pressing 1 key.

NOTE: If the above does not work, then you either do not have VoiceMail enabled or the phone is not compatible.

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