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Auto Provisioning by Managing SIP Devices

As of January 2011, O-Tel's 1Cloud now offers the facility to create a device on the Hosted PBX and Auto Provision it. It is very simple to do.

a) You must first create all your extensions in the 1Cloud Portal BEFORE you begin to add SIP Devices.
b) Ensure that all your SIP Devices are already connected to your LAN, and have internet access.
c) Ensure you have access to all the devices WEB GUI SETUP interface from the PC you are provisioning from.


Once logged into your 1Cloud VoIP Control Panel


  1. Click on 'Manage SIP Devices' Icon
  2. Click on 'Add New Device'
  3. See if your SIP Device is listed. 1Cloud supports the most popular SIP Devices only. If your device is not listed, open a support ticket.
  4. Complete all the fields to add your device
  5. Allocate an extension who will be using that device
  6. Once you've clicked 'OK', you will see a URL generated on the top of that page.
  7. Select that URL and copy it
  8. Go to the relevant phones' AUTO PROVISIONING screen and paste the URL into that field.
  9. ENSURE that the phone has internet access!
  10. Click on OK and the phone's been AUTO Provisioned!

There might be a few final settings to do before you save and reboot the phone. Such as ensuring that the Transport protocol is set to UDP.

Once the device is rebooted, it will show REGISTRATION/ONLINE on the 1Cloud VoIP portal. Make and receive a test call.

That's it! It's never been this simpler :-)


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