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E-mail to Fax - Sending of faxes


Setting up the E-mail to Fax Facility on 1Cloud.

From the main client management screen select the extension you want to add the fax service too.

  • Next from the extension management screen select the “Phone terminal setup” option.
  • Scroll down until you reach Fax Settings
  • Enter the relevant details as per below screenshot
  • The e-mail address you enter here CANNOT be duplicated with another extension. Each extension wanting to use the fax service must have its unique email address.
  • In your email program, send an email to fax@sip01.otel.co.za
  • Attach your fax in PDF, TIFF, or JPG, and
  • Enter the number you wish to fax to with a prefix of '000'. See screenshot

  • Once you have sent the email, you will receive an email asking to confirm whether you want to sent the fax. See screenshot:

  • Click on the link to confirm your fax and the fax will send immediately.
  • You will receive an e-mail listing whether the fax has been successful.

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