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Setup Fax to E-mail Extension


Setting up of a central Fax Extension on 1Cloud.
Courtesy of
Johann Kruger [ITWWW]

  • The first step is to create a normal extension and to select phone terminal on the first page of the “Add new extension” wizard.
  • When filling in the customer details it is important to enter the contact or central email address as this is where the faxes will be sent too. As shown in the figures below.

  • On the second page choose the standard extension settings and assign a DID to the extension. This is important as this will be the number that faxes will be sent too from other faxes.

  • Set the sharing information to everybody.
  • On the third page scroll down to Fax Center. As shown in the figure below.

  • Now follow these steps to activate the Fax centre for the extension.
    • Tick the “Enable fax center” box.
    • Next enter the amount of disk space for the fax center to store received faxes in the “Maximum disk space for received faxes” box. This is required for receiving faxes. Ask for/See costs of 'Fax Storage Memory'.
    • After you assigned the disk space choose how you would like to be notified of newly received faxes by selecting either of the options from the “New received fax notification” function.
    • Finally tick the “Fax automatically answers after” option and set the time for the fax to answer to 0 seconds.
    • Click Ok to finish.

Now you have setup a central fax extension for the 1Cloud PBX which is shared by all users on that particular client.

To view received faxes click the extension and the click the Fax Center icon on the extension control panel. The DiD you have allocated will be the fax number. A voice DiD will not work. Ensure it is a FAX DiD. A fax DiD will be obtained when you apply for 'Fax Storage Memory'.


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