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Queue Terms and Explanation


This is a brief explanation on the Queue faciltity on 1Cloud.

Queue Extensions= This is the Queue which you can have callers calling into.
Once you've created a Queue Extension, you will create agents who are to work within this queue. These agents can be local or remote. You create a username and password for agents to call into the queue.
Local Agents= If agent is using Sip Phone on the 1Cloud System
Remote Agent= If agent is dialling in from another phone/line out of the network.

Once you've created the agents, you simply need to call the Queue Login number and login. The Queue Extension will show the agent as logged in. If anyone calls into the queue, the agent will be able to assist.

Queue Members= This pertains to how many callers can hold on within the queue. If you say 5, then 5 callers can wait to speak to an agent. If the 6th caller calls in, he will get a busy signal.

Queue Login Center Extensions= This is where the agents need to call in in order to 'login' their phones and begin answering phone calls.


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