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Creating a Call-Back Extension

What is CallBack?

callback occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response. Security features based on Caller-ID and Password are enabled for such service. This is ideal for company drivers whom do not have 'airtime' on their mobile phone to call the company. When the driver is called back, he can enter the last 4 digits of the SIP account number in order to call that extension. If it is connected to a PBX, then the PBX will ring.

Create an Extension, and choose CALLBACK. Allocate a number to it. Ensure it is 'multiuser aware'.Select the relevant method of security.

Once created, go to the extension and select 'Authorized Caller ID'. There enter the numbers which are authorised to use the service in E.164 format. Hence


When the user calls the O-Tel Callback number, it will cut the call and call him back. Adjust the time intervals in 'Callback setup' at the extension screen.


When user is called back, he can then speak to any of the extension he desires, such as 0001  or 0002  or even dial a number if you allow him to.


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