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Portal shows as insecure in Chrome

Its a step by step process. broken in two parts. Exporting and Importing. 

-----------------------------------------This part will show you have to export the certificate to a file

1) Click on the "exclamation mark in a triangle" symbol at the end of the address bar. 
2) A pop of titled "Security information" will show up.
3) Click on the "Certificate information" button on the bottom left.
4) A second pop up will show up titled as "Certificate".
5) On that pop up click on the "Details" tab.
6) On the bottom right click on the button that says "Copy to file"
7) A "Certificate Export Wizard" will show up.
8) Click "Next" button two time.
9) Now click on the "Browse" button. It will take to your "Documents" folder.
10) Give the name as"sip01.otel.co.za".
11) Click on "Save" button and then click on "Next" again and then click on "Finish" button.

-------------------------------------------------------------- That concludes the export part. Now we have to import it to the browser.

1) On the Chrome browser click on the right most button that goes along the address bar. If you hover your mouse pointer over it. It will read as "Customize and control Google Chrome".
2) You will get a drop down menu. Click on "Options".
3) A pop up will open titled as "Google Chrome Options".
4) Click on "Under the Bonnet" tab.
5) Scroll all the way down. Under "Security" heading in bold, click on "Manage certificates" button.
6) It will open another pop up titled "Certificates".
7) On the middle left side click on the "Import" button.
8) It will open a "Certificate Import Wizard".
9) Click on "Next" button and then click on "Browse" button.
10) It will take you to your "Documents" folder.
11) Locate the certificate that you have exported earlier (sip01.otel.co.za.cer). It will have an ".cer" as extension.
12) Click on that file and click on "Open" button. It will take you back to the Wizard.
13) Click on "Next" button.
14) On the top there you will see two options with radio buttons. Click on the radio button in front of the "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate".
15) Then click on "Next". Then click on "Finish" button. It will give you a pop up message that "The import was successful".
16) Click on "OK" button. Then click on "Close" button to close the "Certificates" pop up, then again click on the "Close" button to close the  "Google Chrome Options".pop up.
17) Restart Google Chrome. and access the portal. If everything has worked fine then at the place of the "exclamation mark in a triangle" symbol in the address bar you will see a "lock" symbol.

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